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Welcome to Hedgerows Hydroponic Strawberry Farm

"There is nothing like a Hedgerows Strawberry"

Tues - Sun
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**Please see Instagram and Facebook for our hours around Christmas, New Year and public holidays - as these will be different from our normal trading hours.

About us

Family owned and operated, Hedgerows hydroponic strawberry farm and shop is home to strawberries like no other. 

From early September to Mid January, Marlborough's sunny days and our glasshouse create the perfect environment for sweet, premium strawberries to flourish.


Through the sustainable growing technique of hydroponics and help from our bumblebees for pollination, our strawberries are packed with a full flavour that only the perfect combination of sunshine and care can provide. 

When it comes to quality fresh strawberries, we aim for the gold standard. 

We proudly provide award winning restaurants and food lovers each day with our fresh pick. 

We hope you enjoy them as much as we do.

Hedgerows hydroponic strawberries, Fresh fruit sales, New Zealand fruit, Hydroponic strawberries

Where to find us 

We are Located at 205 Old Renwick Rd, Springlands, Blenheim 7272

Only 5min from central Blenheim, Hedgerows is great to sit back, relax and recharge. Whether you are local or passing through Blenheim be sure to look out for our white tear drop signs.

*entrance to shop on Rene Street

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Why hydroponic 

Here at Hedgerows we believe in having a smaller footprint as we grow our strawberries.

Hydroponic farming allows crops to be produced sustainably with limited resources.

Recirculating hydroponic systems use 10 times less water than soil grown strawberries and nutrients are delivered straight to the roots.

This contained, calculated and scientific method of farming enables low environmental impacts and we think thats something special.

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Hedgerows strawberries, work Marlborough, New Zealand Glasshouse, New Zealand strawberries, NFT strawberries
Hedgerows strawberries, work Marlborough, New Zealand Glasshouse, New Zealand strawberries, NFT strawberries
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For any questions, queries or orders-

Phone:                (03) 5785268

Email:           contact@hedgerows.co.nz

Social:                                           @hedgerowsstrawberries

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